Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flag Set 4 Complete and Other Thoughts....The Art Of Giving

Greetings on this hot summer day. Flag set #4 is complete. Pictures will soon follow. I have decided to stockpile the flags and have a hunt/ give out in the near future once I hit 4 or 5 complete sets. The idea I have in my mind at the moment is the gift. This is inspired by my trips to Japan and exchanging gifts with folks I have not seen in a bit. It need not be large or of huge importance. Pen sets, jackets and etc. have happened in my experience. The act of the giving is of the importance. Giving without expectation of return. This is where the current Velvet Pelican Project is headings and the next one as well.

A gift reminds and brings back memories, ideals and moments we have experienced. This is the goal of the flag project. My big question has inquired as to how art can serve people in genreal. This is my answer. Give out the gift of a silent moment or memory. We live in a world of corruption on both sides, manipulation, and more corruption. What is important? Family, education and the bond we develop with others as we grow older; I believe.

Soon this stockpile of flags will be posted for public consumption. Take them when you find them. Let me know where they end up. And perhaps... if you feel bold... let me know if they brought back and idea/ ideal or whatever that helped you get back to a better place and time and resume it.

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