Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prayer Flags... Set 3

This is third finished set temporarily installed in my garden. You can see a few structural changes. I won't get into the technical parts of it here though. This set depicts Japanese temple bells and trees. Should the person who gets it decide to re-assemble the flags they will find a landscape print. And again I will get this set out for some person to claim or receive.

Returning to Velvet Pelican Projects after too many years has been very exciting. Thankfully, Stacy has been highly supportive with my job change. This has allowed me to produce my first finished work in years. At first I was not certain what to do and this hit me like a brick on the side of the head.

Many artists work with what the purpose of their work is and what to do with it. With returning to Velvet Pelican Projects and getting the work out to the world I have accomplished what the purpose of the work is and what it is. These flags are a good start. Reminding people that yes, we live in very troubling times but here is a reminder that there is good will and wondrous stuff still out there in the world.

And that is the purpose and mission of the work. I will be collaborating with a goof friend soon on a project we are hoping to get out by August. I will fill all in more as it becomes more developed. This set of flags will go out this week. If you are the one to claim it or snap a pic of it please send me a notice at the email in the header. I would like to post it so that a good archive can be made here.

I will be adding interesting blogs here soon. Thanks to Gordon Arnold for his kind invitation as well.


  1. This is both an intriguing and uplifting project. Not to mention, beautiful! Kudos to you, Len! :)

  2. Many thanks Kimberlee. This has been a long time coming and it is very rewarding to be addressing the public again and perhaps making some days better for people.