Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 1

For the first project I/we worked with the idea of Tibetan prayer flags. The dimensions were variable, about 17" deep by 20 feet long. Each individual flag in the line was either 10" x 16" or 17" x 20".
These were silkscreened onto kitikata rice paper and then separated out into separate parts.  The images are of single trees printed repetitively until a landscape pattern was realized. Perhaps a bit of abstraction but a little work on the part of the audience.
Should the recipient of this project choose to unassemble the prints and reconstruct the original format they will find three prints of a landscape nature. Now remember the intent is for the general populace to take and enjoy them. A few more of this sort of project will be coming out soon. This particular one was place in Beverly MA. at the local library. It disappeared pretty quickly. These photos are taking from my yard while test driving the project.

How this will work out better in the future will be developed. I will keep people advised here as to when and where these will be popping up in the future. For the person who took up the initiative to acquire this first project... enjoy.

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