Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flag Set 4 and 5 Pics and Some Randomness

Greetings yet again. In this set I have posted Flag sets number 4 and 5. There are actually a total of 6. One was lost in a weather experiment... oops; much learning did occur though. So I am now down to two in my possession. I will finish up 6 completed sets before letting these out in the world. I am shooting for mid August.

This set depicts the Buddhas from Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. This is perhaps my favorite temple in Kyoto with the best rock garden. Anyhow, there are also jizo depicted with the Buddha. Jizo are the protectors of children and travellers. While not a full blown Bhuddist myself, I see these images as very peaceful and serene. This is keeping within the idea of giving people a few moments of reprieve in the days.

These new sets have switched material from being printed on kitikata to a good fine weve cloth. It is a bit more difficult to print the layers but much more durable for the outdoors. Recently I have been in conversation with some folks as to what these are. Installations, temporary, prints? To tell the truth I am not sure I really have an answer. The idea of the temporary does strike me. Moments of solitude and serenity are meant to be evoked though these for whoever recieves them. I suppose that I would most likely deem them as gifts. Yes, they are pieces of art but art is also the tool or vehicle to move the whole idea/ message across.

The art of the gift and giving is a very important part of putting these out in the world. It is like visiting a temple in reverse. The sense of being in a temple or place of solitude brought to the audience. Of course I will not be the one installing them in the final homes once they have been given out, but I do hope they keep with the spirit of the project. So many people are struggling to get by, working too many hours or not able to pay the bills. It is my idea with this project and future ones that people will get a few moments of relaxation from these days we exist in.

I suppose I have gone on enough. I will still be working a collaborative project in the near future based on omikuji. At the moment I am very much enjoying these and have chosen to stay with them for a bit longer. If you have any ideas or whatever please feel free to post or send an email to


  1. Are these for sale? That's my question. :)

  2. Not for sale. I will be giving them out in Mid August. Not sure how yet. Details to come. They are intended as gifts.