Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flag Set 6

Flag set 6 is finally complete. Some very hot days and a few technical issues delayed this batch. Anyhow, for this group I have decided to let them exist as individuals. This is a bit different from the previous sets as they are intended to function as a group.

This set has a Buddha head from the 40 foot one at Todajai Temple in Nara, a few jizo, a Buddha from the Ryoanj Temple in Kyoto and a couple of returning characters. I am sticking with this theme as I have been very consumed with zen philosophy and the portrait of peacefulness in these days in which we exist. Art serves all sorts of purposes in the world and I have chose to keep on this path for the time to come.

I have been deliberating, mostly with myself, as to if these are too decorative to be fine art. As "fine art" is such a huge tradition and much too defined at some points, I have come to the conclusion that decorative is fine. In years past fine arts applications have been applied to other arts. This is a means to an end. Can "fine art" be utilitarian? Most certainly it can. The first to come to mind is Alexander Rodchenko and Vladmir Tatlin. The early Soviet artists applied their skills to address the general public. I don't think Velvet Pelican will tread down that particular path of the Soviets. It is a little to strong armed for me. None the less, the concept is relative.

There are 8 finished flags in this set. Each are similar. I will put them out in public for consumption on Friday, August 5. There are a simple set of instructions attached to each one. Should anyone desire to attain one please be sure to read the included paper. Even better pass it along as a gift to someone you might know. Perhaps someone who has helped you out along the way.  It is hoped to pass along a sense of good will and a sense of down time from the hecticness we live in.

Until next time.....

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