Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21.... Nobori

Well now, it has been a month since the last entry. Over this time I found the proper name for these new sorts banner/ flags I see about in Japan. They are called nobori. One can find them everywhere from coffee shops and restaurants to temples. They have a long standing history. Silly me, I should have thought to have done some homework. Anyhow here is another set to gaze upon. This is another set of four like the previous entry. A bit different though is the introduction of...... (everybody "WOOO" now) color.

 Please pardon the slightly crooked line of the set up. After all, the ground is pretty damned hard at this time of the year. This is the second set of three that I wish to have in the complete set. Another set of four is just getting started. This set is much more in the landscape fashion. I am also keeping the idea of atmospheric perspective handy. These are not actual space but more impressions of being somewhere where our contemporary rush does not catch up with us.

I am not too sure where or what I am going to do with a set of twelve of these or where to even install them. I am getting a good amount of work established. I am playing with the idea of perhaps, submitting them for some shows. I'm a bit out of that loop at the moment so I guess some homework is in order. Ideally, I would like to keep them outside and see what becomes of them.

 I must say... with the elections coming up and all of these polls and icky things popping up all over as usual, I have been becoming more of the world again in terms of politics and governace and I come up lacking. Annoyed at best. I have been considering jumping back into the realms of politics and art. But I must say that I am very hesitant. I have been looking back at my brief history on this planet and I have come to see the same cycle happenning over and over again. We seem to have not been able to move forth in our way of thinking, I mean some sort of giant leap like during the industrial revolution. I guess I am looking for something BIG.

But with the little difference I see since I was in high school I think I rather be more forward looking. To keep making the kind of art where people will see it and have a brief change of moment in their day. A glimpse of something else rather then the daily grind of our elected leaders uselessness and apathy. Perhaps some political art down the line but for now this seems to be the right track. I must go make breakfast now.

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  1. Like the color...and the non-political theme, especially at this time of year when I run away from tv commercials, robo-calls, and the mailbox!