Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Set of 8 and a New Set of 3

Greetings all. The ground has thawed enough to plant the 8 nobori I have worked on over the past two months. I've posted them as smaller sets previously but they are intended to be in a larger group. Originally there was to be 12 but the new set varies too greatly to keep them cohesive. Here is a pic of them planted.

This does give you a very good idea of what they are like in person. I think this gives the actual experience of seeing rows of these in Japan. Once again I can't get past my various experinces over there. It is interesting that in a smaller set they do fine but in larger groups they are much more impressive. The idea and applications of the multitude often pay off. The other goal was to make these to work with the natural areas I would like for them to be seen in. I'm not after irony. Images of cityscapes or coffee cups or people would not have the same effect. Much in the way Louis Sullivan treated his architecture. Melding the synthetic with the organic.

This is the new set. Smaller then the previous 8 but heading down a slightly different path. Mostly back to black so to speak. Also more of a handle on the atmospheric perspective. I believe that I do enjoy working with more soarse elements to create the compositions. Still landscape in nature and playing twith the nobori concept, I am very excited with these. Yes, there are a few owls placed in them. It seemed like a goofy idea at first but I guess you could say inspiration hit. A few years back I would probably have thrown them in the trash. I guess getting a bit older does that. Just as well I think I will be investing more time with these.

And again I find myself trying to figure out what to do with them. I don't want to just land them in public and I do at the same time. Perhaps it is time to start exploring some realistic ideas. The previous strung up flags were easy with trees. But digging up holes in the ground can get people a bit angry and me into trouble without the right to do as such.  Hmmmm, seems some homework is in order.

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