Sunday, October 16, 2011

And again....

First off let me apologize outright to the folks I planned to send off a large number of flags to. Now don't laugh but I lost my "Remember" book with all of the relative information. Yup. Lost what I was supposed to remember. Found it in a coat pocket last night by fluke. Stacy laughed at that one. I suppose I did too. Anyhow, I will put those out this week. So you should see them soon.

Perhaps you are wondering why I post this odd little blue building? Well... Stacy, I and a few others will be moving into this fine place to open a print shop studio kind of thing. We have talked about this for years. My friend Brian and I bumbled across it a few weeks back and thought... "Now this has potential." After a little digging and a couple of meetings we have decided to take it. Not very large at 435 square feet of space but the price is awesome.

View inside from the back door toward Cabot Street. The landlord is awesome and the interior is in good shape. The basement needs a bit of tidying but will make a good storage space. This little thing used to be a house about a hundred years ago. I have thought about this for years and here it goes. Very weird. Seems like such a grown up thing to do.

This is the view back from the front of our tiny playground. We will be moving in on November 1. It is going to be nice to get the press and silkscreen stuffs out of the house. I think I'll turn my office into a small Japanese self contained house. None the less, I will post some pics on the cleaned up space soon. I think we'll call it "Barry the Mean Fish's Place." Ha! Really though I have no idea.

And Finally.... The last listed project is almost done. The above pic is a small section of it. This thing kind of grew a bit more then I planned. It is now 3 feet by 9 feet. Oops. I need to add a few more bits and tidy it up. I will most likely separate it into sections to make a long slew of flags. I hope to finish by November1 but I will get back to that in out next installment.


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