Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So It Has Been a Couple of Weeks......

Greetings and fall is finally settling in. Life has been a bit odd but good and keeping me away from this blog. Getting used to a bit more downtime then I have been used to over the past five years has taken a bit more time then I accounted for. Trying to figure this out has consumed a couple of weeks. Being a "mid" career artist and restarting is very exciting and sort of like floating at the same time, None the less I am getting the lay of the land.  I will be shipping out a good chunk of flags this week; finally. It will be late this week so have a bit more patience please.

I have also been considering what project to run alongside the flag project. As winter and the cold months are upon us and I won't be able to work in my beloved rock gardens I came up with the above picture. I have decided to produce a large scale printed rock garden that is modular. The pic above is 60" x 80". Each piece is moveable. I have test drove a few models on the computer and will probably have to increase the size in the actual world. The projected finish date is mid November. In the mean time I will be looking for various indoor locations to temporarily install it.

I want to let people come into the space it is installed and allow them to compose with the printed rocks and make their own garden. At first I thought this was a bit cheesey. Then I wrapped my head around it and decided that it was a decent idea. I really don't want to wait until I'm 50 to decide the idea is good enough. I will post some actual prints of the piece as it goes. If you have a suggestion as to a where please drop me a line.

The plan for identifying a printmakiing studio space is getting closer. I hope that we are able to get situated within the next month. That is all for now.

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