Monday, November 14, 2011

The Blue Think Box and a new project....

Greetings All and Interested....

Since my last check in life has moved alonge weirdly but good. First off the new space is open and basically ready to go. After much distraction from work obligations and getting this off the ground we are basically moved in. My expectations are huge of myself and I am learning, that at times, they are uber human. All the well here is an inside look at the Blue Think Box.

A good Takache etching press, silkscreen printing area and a small letter press has been added. A few more odds and ends will be coming. As this is an idea I have betted around for years it is nice to see it coming to fruition. The next move is to start collaborating regularly again. One will be coming this winter with my pal Brian Pellinen on a Japanese wishes project. Thankfully he is much smarter in the liberal arts then I. Getting to mid life does that I guess.

So the last project mentioned bit the dust. I suppose one out of 8 or so is not so bad. I will have to persue the indoor rock garden soon... oh well. Above is the new project midway. At least a snippet of it. Now that I have much more time I am trying to expand upon what has been constructed since May. I should not expect success everytime but hey.... um... yeah. This one has the temple from Nara as well as many parts of the backwoods landscapes from Japan.

Here is the middle section. One of the things I am learning is that the least essential parts is what is needed to make this kind of work happen which makes it somewhat the harder to do... in my brain. It is hard to break from your basic training and make the honest work you want to.

This is the other corner. I hope to finish this one by Monday of next week. I would love to hear from folks who would like to collaborate on projects in the future. It need not be of the nature that I have presented here on the blog. Come on and email me, perhaps work at The Blue Box Think Tank and help put a dent in the world.

On a last note... I would still love to send out more flags to people who might want them. Perhaps you might want to install them as a complete string and dole them out as you see fit. I would love to hear from you. The idea is simple: find a good space, tie them up, document them, send me pics and give them away..... So there.....

Until next time.

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