Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of Lanterns and Rock Gardens and Other Possibilities...

So March is now here and it seems we have finally had a real winter. Yeah and no thanks but we learn to live with it. Sick of shoveling looking forward to spring. So with that in mind I worked on this set over the last two weeks. A sort of return to basics I suppose but these really helped bring spring to mind. Lanterns and rock garden patterns.

There is the front of our beloved Blue Box with the new set all strung up. These are extremely simple and were quick to print. As that was not the real goal it just sort of fell into place. Playing with positive and negative view is what happened here. One simple lantern printed over two different rock garden patterns.

Sometimes one forgets the elegance in simplicity and symmetry. Perhaps similar in thinking to how as the winter ends certain sounds come back after the long silent cold. But it all comes back to the same notion I often look for these prints to bring about: The ability of people to have a few moments of solitude and simplicity in their world without the constant conflict our contemporary times bring us.

There is another project I have been slowly working on as weather has permitted, which is very little this year, that I hope to complete in the upcoming weeks. I have taken to patching the brick sidewalks in town with some of the printed ones from this past fall. I have really taken to the idea of repairing them in the mind of putting something really interesting out into the city. I have managed to complete three repairs but have not had the chance to document them. Hopefully over the next melt I can accomplish that.

I had the chance to visit a few printmaking studios over the last week, letterpress shops in particular. It was a king of mind opening experience. One of the things I walked away with was realizing what I want to do with the Blue Box and Velvet Pelican Projects. I am going to take the next part of the year to expand the range and kind of projects I am working on. I would love to take on some gardens, buildings and perchance, what I would call a temporary mural project. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to drop me a line. I look very much forward to seeing where this might lead down the line.

That is all.

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  1. I like your patching up the sidewalks idea and can't wait to see the results! Hey, do you have any lanterns for sale? My house needs more Len art :-)

    ~ g