Monday, July 30, 2012

The Velvet Pelican Art Challenge #1 and More of the Blue Box...

Greeting all! For this installment I have decided to host the first Velvet Pelican Art Challenge. Perhaps more like a treasure hunt. I have taken a set of flags from "The Buddha Never Meets the Dragon" series and break them up. As the total length is more then thirty feet I have decided to have a bit of different fun with it. It is in the idea of Velvet Pelican Projects to put work out in the public and let people have it. I do enjoy this as there is a distinct possibility that these will spark some ideas or fir up some one's imagination. Even more so just to, perhaps bring a sense of solitude in these crazy times we dwell in.

I know... color correction! Above is one of the six at this neat location. Please feel free to hunt it down in our fair city of Beverly. Hint: it is on the waterfront. I have been considering expanding a bit. But the more I walk around Beverly the more places I find to install these things. I am moving more towards places that are perhaps underused. I like the idea of having people investigate their locality more closely. You know what they say... think globally, act locally.

Above is a test drive of this particular set earlier last week. Regardless to say it no longer looks like this. This scene is behind the Blue Think Box in our newly made garden.

Speaking of the Blue Box we had our first public opening this past Saturday. And boy did it rain! All the well though. We planted and the gARTen pARTy which was coordinated by our new inmate Ginger. She did a fine job. We must have had 60 plus in attendance. Many thanks to all who dropped in. I suppose next time we should pay attention to our rain date. In October we will be hosting our next thingee... details to come.

A couple of pics from installing. I'll post some of the finished ones sometime soon. That is all.

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