Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nuclear Facts Bag and The Blue Box Update....

Greetings folks. In this episode I bring you a bit of a different project: A nuclear waste facts bag on one side and the new Velvet Pelican logo on the other. I have been looking at ways to bring a bit more politics and issues to the fold. I was very tempted to merge them with the nobori but that seemed at adds. Kind of like putting chocolate on a hot dog. A bit of separation is needed in this case. There is time and place in making art when it is necessary to produce in different avenues. From the complicated to the simple. Well these bags definitely fall into the simple and quick.

Most often one looks at their art and really wants to push it far to validate it. The lesson I have learned here is that sometimes the end result requires a more direct approach. So what is the goal here. Education for the most part. Of course the visual appeal is necessary but the info provided in this manner of art is as important. The means is to use the art to convey the information. In this case I have done much research on nuclear waste. Referencing many sources and checking facts to present accurate research. From the Nuclear regulatory Commission, The Sierra Club and the International Atomic Energy Association these facts were pulled.

The above photo gives you the idea. Yup, a little self promotion on the other side of the bag as well. Never hurts I suppose. The more the viewers, the more the reading goes around. I have this idea of someone taking them to the grocery store and the baggage person reading these nifty little facts.... or perhaps some light beach reading. The tone is neither angry nor light hearted. I tend to prefer not to be on a soap box when putting out this kind of work. I merely wish for people to think a bit and let them come to their own conclusions based on actual facts of the matter. A bit of activism I suppose you would say.

And as you can see there are many of them. I figure about 100 of them. It was kind of fun just doing the whole mass production things with the printing. I will have these available first at the Blue Think Box, next week July 28. We are at 29 Cabot Street and hosting the gARTen pARTy from 6 to 10. Come on by and take part. Art in the back garden we just cleared out for this temporary show. See inside and marvel at all of the goodies being made inside.

See this link for more:!/events/378510408870492/

Well, all in all a good summer in the nice ocean side town of Beverly. Enjoy!

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