Friday, December 28, 2012

A couple of new stuffs....

Wow... no post since October. With the end of the semester, the holidays and applications for shows I have not been able to get to this thing called a blog. Anyhow since then I have completed two new projects and have two more in progress. The set of pics above is the front and back of the same flag. I have started combining the general large one image screen with that of the monoprint silkscreening. The set contains eight. They are about two feet by four feet. The same theme persists here from the past year and a half. I am very much enjoying exploring the realm of zen philosophy and printmaking. The repetition, the image development and the notion of these going out into the world has really become an obsession.

The above is from another set just finished last week. As yet untitled, they measure two feet by 4 feet. They come in a set of nine. This is the second set where I have decided to utilize both the back and front of the nobori. These are printed in the monoprint silkscreen manner. Each of the separate part of the whole image are printed from different stencils on the screen. The particular bell in this set is from Ryoanji temple in Kyoto. You will also start to see more geometric elements in this landscape like set. Mostly a reference to rock garden patterns but also sound waves and whatever you choose to bring to it.

As the holidays just hit and now a spate of crappy weather I have not been able to get these outside yet. I am considering suspending them in a hallwaylike manner. I suppose you could say an outdoor corridor is the intention. As the weekend comes and New Years eve right around the corner I am planning to place them out for the passing of the year. A pretty decent one and I look forward to seeing what 43 brings to the table. This past season I looked at poking back into the political activism of projects from a time not too long ago. I must say that it is interesting on how a shoe may still fit but just no longer feels right. As these nobori and paving stone projects are still pretty young I think I shall keep exploring them in relation to how they can affect the world.

It is so easy to get upset at the world and that which it brings us. And rightfully so. There is much that needs attention and it seems there are plenty of folks who are capable of that. I am enjoying the overlooked aspects of the world and where we can find ourselves in relation to that. I guess sort of sublime. More so that time where we can remember that we are human and mostly lead really decent lives. The marvels we build, the marvels we see in what nature forms, arts of splendor and challenge. This is where I want the Velvet Pelican Projects to go. Some people would call this the spiritual side of life. As I am not spiritual or religious in anyway, very atheist, I suppose it is more Vulcan like. Yup, you just read it, a Star Trek reference, but that is the closest I can come up with right now.

Wow, a lot of writing. I have a bunch of pending projects coming up in the next month and will hopefully see some interesting results for the upcoming year. Fill you in in a few weeks.

Happy New Year.


  1. Your flags are cool indeed, Len...although I must admit that I'm partial to the landscape ones which remind me of China :-)

  2. Thanks!!! Many different projects constantly cooking! China! That sounds like an awesome trip. Hope the holidays were good.