Monday, June 11, 2012

Really Big Nobori... (for me anyways).

Well... just a short time since the last post but I have kept busy. This is a set I was working on that got postponed so I decided to move them forward anyways. This set of three is based on Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto not far from The Philosopher's Trail. The previous sets I worked on in the past are a bit smaller. These measure seven feet tall and two feet wide. And to switch it up a bit I have decided to move back to the trees for this one.

Also a bit different in the set is the use of multiple spacial planes as seen in the pic above. From some deep perspective to grounds that meld back into space to plane old flat. My brain had almost melted trying to remember how to work that trick. It just sort of happened that these in particular worked out that way. Also with these, unfortunately you can not see the text in these pics, each one contains a text of a Zen koan. Sorry but by the time I thought of documenting these they were twelve feet up in the air.

I do believe I will work more with the printed koans on the next project. The sense of serenity they can bring the brain is truly amazing. During the third week of June I will get this set out in the public realm. It is going to take a bit of time to figure out where these will live for a bit of time. I am considering a beach side location as there are plenty of those around here. I have started to consider expanding out into Boston or Cambridge. I think I will be saving that as I am really enjoying locally. Ideally I would love to get them over seas but have not yet figured out how that would work yet.

The lanterns from the previous post will also be out in the third week of June. Almost have it figured out.

Post it soon.


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