Monday, August 22, 2011

The White Flags

Hello on this fine August morning. Here is another set with a few changes. For one, this set has a title. This set is called,: Finding the Buddha Though the Trees." When you see them it is obvious why. Think of something being revealed to you through a clouded mess. This set is comprised of 11 finished pieces. There are many more layers involved with transparent Buddhas and trees. Yup, I suppose this is a very zen like approach but, well... consider the source.

This set and a previous one will go out for consumption this upcoming Friday, August 26. Please remember if you decide to procure one that a photo of the final home for it is sent to Another idea is to pass it along to another person who might be having a bit of a time.

So on Friday stop by Beverly Commons and take one. My only idea is to put a bit more of a good foot out in the world. When life gets a bit too busy or the news coming out in the world is ugly, we all need reminders of solitude and peace of mind.


  1. So inspiring to know that us kids who couldn't afford to study abroad can have even better opportunities as our older selves. Nice pieces, Len. A more disciplined and introspective you.

  2. Thanks kindly old friend. I never got to travel abroad in early life either. Maybe that was for the better... I know not. Introspection is a fine art in itself.... need to pay attention to the brain or it rots.

  3. Good morning Len,

    I like your witty title for the set...and the prints as well, o' course.

    If you ever feel a little Durer'ish, you can create a set entitled "The Four Buddhas of the Apocalypse". Oh wait, that would throw serenity out the window, now wouldn't it?